Bollywood Singer KK Passes Away



On Tuesday, the city of Joy witnessed the fall of the stars of the world of music. Bollywood singer KK has passed away after attending an event in Kolkata.

All Work Should Be Play

The singer died at the age of 54. Doctors estimate that the famous singer died of a heart attack.

He was forever at the top of fame. Listeners say they get upset when they hear his songs. Feels very bored. And one of the reasons for that upset is his throat. That was his USP.

Before he became KK, he was Krishnakumar Kunath. Born into a Malayali family. But growing up in Delhi. Father CS Nair and mother Kunath Kankabali.

KK, who grew up in the atmosphere of music from a young age. Both parents sang very well. Maternal grandfather was a music instructor.

Before entering Bollywood, KK sang about three and a half thousand commercial songs in 11 languages. He also sang a song called 'Josh of India' in support of the Indian cricket team in the 1999 Cricket World Cup. Members of the Indian cricket team were also in the video for the song.

AR Rahman gave the first opportunity to sing in movies in KK's life. He made his debut in 1997 with the song 'College Style' from the Tamil film 'Kadal Desam'.

His song 'Hum, rahe ya na rahe kaal ... kaal, yaad aayenge ye pal' will be remembered by every countryman. Remember His creation. Remember his artistry. Remember the always smiling singer of one and a half feet people. He used to step on the stage whenever he got up to sing.