Gross GST revenue collected in May 2022 has topped Rs 1.40 lakh crore, government data showed on Wednesday, June 1, 2022

The revenue for May 2022 is 44 per cent higher than the GST revenue of Rs 97,821 crore in the corresponding month of the previous year.

The total GST revenue in May is Rs 1,40,885 crore, of which CGST is Rs 25,036 crore, SGST Rs 32,001 crore, IGST Rs 73,345 crore and Cess Rs 10,502 crore.

This is the fourth time the monthly GST collection has crossed the Rs 1.40 lakh crore mark since the inception of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and the third consecutive month since March 2022

Top states with GST revenue in May 2022

1.  Maharashtra – Rs 20,313 Crore  2.  Gujarat _ Rs 9,321 Crore  3.  Karnataka – Rs 9,232 Crore  4.  Tamil Nadu – Rs 7,910 Crore  5.  Uttar Pradesh – Rs 6,670 Cror

According to government data, the total number of e-way bills in April 2022 was 7.4 crore, which is 4 per cent less than the 7.7 crore e-way bills generated in March 2022.

Marvin Mckinney

the third consecutive month since March 2022. GST revenue in March was Rs 1.42 lakh crore, while in February it was Rs 1.33 lakh crore.